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Beware! Your air conditioner could be DISGUSTING! | 你知道你的冷氣機有多髒嗎?

Do you know what dirt and germs might be lurking under the cover of your air conditioner?

Are you sure the cool air you are enjoying is clean and safe?

This weekend, The Taiwan Kleen founding team went to a customer, who complained of a bad smell coming from his air conditioner, to find out!

The first step of any job is to always ensure safety. Our trained technicians will always check to ensure the proper safety processes are done before the actual maintenance work.

Safety is our number 1 priority at Taiwan Kleen

Then the actual KLEENING fun begins! At the outset, the air filters seemed relatively clean. But after taking apart the indoor unit and checking the internal air vents and grilles, it's obvious where the moldy smell comes from.

Taiwan Kleen technicians do a precise check of the state of the air conditioner

While the filters are relatively clean, users don't often have the equipment to check whether the air vents and grills need a good clean. In this image, you can see clear buildups of mold and grime.

The professional team at Taiwan Kleen sets up equipment and are ready to roll!

We use professional tarps to ensure the dirt doesn't splash on your wall or floor, as your comfort and satisfaction is our top priority!

With our professional equipment and exclusive cleaning agent, we clean your air conditioner while ensure all the sensitive electronics remain safe!

Can you believe this is just one bucket from this air conditioner?

After we ensure your air conditioner is fully cleaned up, we install everything back together again and do a comprehensive health check to ensure your air conditioner is in perfect condition to accompany you for many years to come!

Nothing escapes a good scrub from Taiwan Kleen!

So another satisfied customer, another job well done. We look forward to serving this customer again in the coming year!

Contact Taiwan Kleen and book your air conditioner cleaning now!

Exclusive Offer!

From today until Feb 1, 2022, refer a customer for a Taiwan Kleen service and receive NT$500 in discount on your cleanup!

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